lxuminous whispered,

Your blog is just incredible. It is one of these, who give a meaning to tumblr. Thank you for creating it. I will always be right next to you.

Thank you, it makes me really happy to read this even when I don’t really update this blog anymore Q_Q

kagekina-shoujo whispered,

Aw, i'm loving so much your blog ^3^ I've started a spam ~~~ dear followers will have to excuse me, haha x3 Thank you for post all this photos, videos and music. I'm really in love with this... This is the first blog i've met that show bands that others people have never heard of them, but I've yaah~~ In my opinion, "underrated bands" are the best!! So, thank you one more time and sorry for my bad english T^T

Thank you! I must agree, there are so many good bands out there but people don’t pay enough attention to them >< 

I didn’t update much recently tho, but I’ll give my best to change that! »

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mymykaori whispered,

Absolutely love your blog! Keep up the good work! xo

thank you. I will try m(_ _)m

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